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How We Work

What is IMARCA Property Management?

At IMARCA Property Management Inc., we take pride in being a fully integrated company with extensive experience in managing various types of real estate investments. From commercial establishments to residential properties and condo complexes, we understand the dynamic nature of real estate. By harnessing the power of technology, we streamline our processes to manage your investments in real-time. This ensures that every detail is taken into account and your asset reaches its maximum value. We revolutionize investment management by adapting to technological advancements, providing an environment for your real estate asset to thrive. Choose IMARCA for property management solutions that ensure your investment's success story.

What are the services offered by IMARCA?

At IMARCA Property Management, we pride ourselves on a comprehensive suite of services designed to optimize your real estate investments. We offer a full spectrum of property management services, including tenant screening, regular property inspections, and comprehensive financial reporting. In addition to these standard services, we also provide rent collection and lease administration, ensuring a smooth experience for both property owners and tenants. For maintenance and repair needs, we have a small fleet of trucks with our own technicians, we also have established relationships with trusted local contractors and service providers, promising swift and efficient resolutions. With our 24/7 emergency response service, we offer peace of mind that we're always just a phone call away. By entrusting your real estate investments to IMARCA, you're choosing a partner that genuinely cares for your property as if it were our own.Please 

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What are the fees for using IMARCA as my property manager?

At IMARCA Property Management, we understand the importance of cost-effectiveness in maintaining profitability for your real estate investments. Our standard fee for service is 5% of the gross rental income of your investment. This competitive rate ensures we can provide the superior service and expertise you've come to expect from us. Furthermore, as an IMARCA client, you'll be entitled to receive discounts on all operational services you would typically encounter as an owner. These include insurance, contractor, and legal fees, amongst others. The savings generated from these discounts can substantially offset our management fee, offering substantial value and making your partnership with IMARCA a financially sound decision. Trust us to not only protect your investments but also to optimize their profitability.

At IMARCA Property Management, we cater to a variety of real estate properties, and this includes condominium complexes in Quebec. Recognizing the unique nature of condominium management, we have tailored our services accordingly, with a fee structure that aligns with the demands of such properties. Rest assured, as with all our clients, condo complex owners will also be entitled to receive discounts on insurance, contractor, and legal fees, amongst other operational costs.

In compliance with the Civil Code and the Declaration of Co-ownership, IMARCA Property Management is steadfast in its commitment to maintaining budgeted costs. Our proactive and comprehensive approach to management ensures a harmonious co-existence for all co-owners, while diligently upholding the stipulations of the governing documents. By partnering with IMARCA, you can be assured of a meticulous financial management strategy that respects your budgetary constraints, effectively controlling costs without compromising on service quality or breaching any legal obligations. Trust us to balance fiscal responsibility with legal and operational excellence.


What are the benefits of using IMARCA?

n the intricate web of real estate today, engaging a proficient property manager to represent your commercial property, multi-residential buildings, or condominium complex is paramount to realizing a fruitful investment journey. Navigating the multifaceted challenges that real estate investors confront, IMARCA Property Management is poised to amplify the income potential of your assets and/or ensure that the costs are on budget. Our expert team, armed with deep industry knowledge and backed by a firm commitment to your success, is ready to guide you confidently through the unpredictabilities of the market, safeguarding your investment while facilitating consistent growth. Trust in the proven expertise and integrity of IMARCA Property Management. 


While there are countless ways our property management services can help enhance profitability, here are some of the top:



Lease/Lease Renewal Negotiation

Staying current with market pricing is a cornerstone of maximizing rental income. At IMARCA Property Management, we meticulously analyze neighborhood comparables to verify that your leases and lease renewals align with market expectations. Our focus is not solely on the immediate, but we engage in long-term strategic planning, considering market trajectory and potential shifts. We take the onus of lease negotiations, ensuring that we secure terms that are most favorable to you. This proactive approach helps prevent costly oversights that could potentially expose your investment to future risks. Trust IMARCA Property Management to protect your interests, minimize potential vulnerabilities, and optimize your revenue potential. Our commitment to your success is unwavering.


Volume Pricing on Operational Expenses:

At IMARCA Property Management, our diverse portfolio allows us to secure significant discounts on daily operational expenses for our clients. With our extensive network and buying power, we can drive down costs for repair work, painting, insurance premiums, legal, and accounting services. Choosing IMARCA means choosing a partner invested in your financial success. Our mission goes beyond maximizing income; we strive to minimize expenses and ensure a higher return on your investment. Trust our ability to deliver cost-effective solutions, drawing from our experience and industry networks. Let us optimize your financial performance by leveraging our bulk buying power to your advantage.


Reliable, Trustworthy Vendors:

Apartment turnover and maintenance/repair expenses can be significant in an investor's budget. Knowing the right vendors is crucial as it impacts project costs. At IMARCA Property Management, we have an extensive database of licensed and insured contractors. Our local representation protects clients from opportunistic contractors. Trust us to manage your properties and safeguard your interests and financial success. We provide cost-effective and reliable solutions.



Insurance Policy Audits:

Our experience has underscored the fact that insurance coverage can be one of the most convoluted aspects in the realm of real estate investing. Insurance, while indispensable for all our clients, often becomes a labyrinth of coverage where they find themselves either over-insured, under-insured, or wrongly insured. The most disconcerting aspect is that many clients discover these discrepancies only when it's time to file a claim against their policy. We offer a solution to this catch-22 situation. Our team of experts at IMARCA Property Management stands ready to review your current insurance policy to ensure that it correctly aligns with the type of asset you own. This careful evaluation could be the key to safeguarding your investment in the face of an untoward incident. Trust us to guide you in navigating the complexities of insurance to assure a safety net for your assets.

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