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How We Work

What is IMARCA Property Management?

IMARCA is a fully integrated property management company with the necessary experience in managing and overseeing the administrative and physical operations of different types of real estate investments, whether commercial, residential, or condo complexes. By keeping our finger on the pulse of technology, we have streamlined the way investments are managed, thereby ensuring that your real estate is managed at a real-time capacity, allowing us to place the asset in an environment to reach its maximum value.  

What are the services offered by IMARCA?

At IMARCA Property Management, we take the stress out of owning real estate investments. Our services are designed so you as an owner will feel comfortable that your real estate's needs and agreed-upon goals are being realized. This is accomplished through increased real-time communication with full transparency to our clients, by giving personal access to internet client portals and cellular applications.

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What are the fees for using IMARCA as my property manager?

Our standard fee for service is 5% of the gross rental income of your investment. However, as an IMARCA client, you will be entitled to receive discounts on all operational services you would typically encounter as an owner, such as insurance, contractor, and legal fees, just to name a few, which can substantially offset our management fee.

What are the benefits of using IMARCA?

In a complex real estate market that we live in, hiring a property manager to represent your commercial, residential, or condominium complex is vital to having a prosperous investment experience. With all of the challenges that real estate investors face, IMARCA Property Management is here to maximize the income potential of your assets.


While there are countless ways our property management services can help enhance profitability, here are some of the top:


Lease/Lease Renewal Negotiation

Staying up-to-date on market pricing is key to maximizing rental income. We carefully review neighborhood comparable pricing to ensure your lease and lease renewals are in-line with market expectations. When negotiating the terms of your lease, we ensure that we are obtaining the most favorable terms for you, helping you to avoid making costly mistakes that could invite future exposure.

Volume Pricing on Operational Expenses:

At IMARCA, the benefit of having a diverse portfolio we are able to secure discounts for our clients on everyday operational expense items. From painting, repair work, insurance premiums, to legal and accounting services, allow us to help you save money by taking advantage of our bulk buying power.

Reliable, Trustworthy Vendors:

Apartment turn-over and other maintenance/repair expenses can add up to sizable line items in any investor’s budget. Knowing the right vendors for maintenance/repair work can make a significant difference in the overall pricing of any project. With an extensive database of licensed and insured contractors and technicians, we are able to ensure that all projects are completed by knowledgeable, trustworthy vendors at low prices. Our local representation prevents our clients from being taken advantage of by opportunistic contractors.


Insurance Policy Audits:

Our experience has shown us that insurance coverage is one of the most complicated topics in real estate investing. While insurance is necessary for all of our clients, we often find that they are either over-insured, underinsured, or inappropriately insured. Most frighteningly, many clients do not find out that they are insured incorrectly until it comes time to file a claim against their policy. Allow our team of experts to review your current insurance policy to ensure that you are correctly insured for the type of asset you own. Doing so could make all the difference in the world in the event of an accident.

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